The Future Is Here Today At Futureworld



Last Friday evening saw the glitzy launch of Phnom Penh’s newest premium Apple products retailer, Futureworld. Located in the suitably futuristic Vattanac Capital Tower, it opened with quite a bang.

A packed house eagerly perused the gleaming hardware offerings of the world’s slickest tech manufacturer, while enjoying complimentary canapés along with wine glasses which never quite emptied thanks to the tirelessly circulating waitstaff.

The house DJ, along with a red carpet Apsara performance, ensured that those taking a break from eyeing up various Apple goodies weren’t short of entertainment.

Upon arrival guests were shown through the pristine white showroom by knowledgeable shop assistants in matching blue—Phnom Penh’s counterparts to the famous Apple Geniuses one might find in a San Francisco or London store.

On display were the expected range of Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPods and Mac Pros, with a variety of associated accessories lining the walls. In pride of place, the gleaming iPhone 6 was all but begging shoppers to shell out for a smartphone upgrade.

When questioned about stocked products, Futureworld’s shop assistants were friendly and informative. Their management assures us that staff have been trained to provide expert advice to Phnom Penhers looking for the perfect Apple tech solution for their home or office.

Futureworld is optimistic that locals will develop a taste for Apple’s “innovative products and solutions.” One need only walk along the street in Phnom Penh to see that, in the smartphone market in particular, Apple faces sturdy rivalry here, particularly in the form of Samsung and the associated Android operating system.

Futureworld aims to provide Phnom Penh shoppers with the premium Apple retail experience that was previously nonexistent in this market. In this way they may just succeed in carving off some market share.

With more than 35 stores spanning 10 countries in the wider Asian region, Futureworld is well placed to achieve its goal of giving Cambodians not only a taste for high-end apple products, but also the premium Apple retail experience already available in many countries around the world.

There is also significant scope for engagement with local businesses looking to upgrade their desktop suite, particularly in Phnom Penh’s burgeoning creative industries sector—long a stronghold for Apple hardware sales in many markets around the world.

If the mood on Friday night was anything to go by, Futureworld’s arrival should spell a welcome addition to Phnom Penh’s tech retail scene. There was definitely no shortage of those enviously ogling the 27-inch iMac with 5K retina display—a sexy package if ever there was one.


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