A Business With A Heart


Having a heart is a vital element when it comes down to business, according to Dana Vadhana Sreng.

Since launching Dynamic Outsourcing Services (DOS) in May 2012, Dana has made it his mission to promote equal opportunities within his team by recruiting people with disabilities to the ranks of his call centre service.

“Corporate social responsibility has always been my key objective,” Dana says. “I just want to help Cambodia. For me it’s part of our business model that we employ people from all walks of life. It’s all about equal opportunities.”

DOS currently employs about 70 staff, of which 20 per cent have disabilities. “This is an important part of the business,” Dana says, “and one that I hope will continue to grow.”

Dana was born in Cambodia but moved to Australia with his family in 1980. He returned to his homeland in the late 90s for a short stint but has remained here ever since.

After spending more than 13 years working in the telecoms sector, Dana decided to follow his dream of creating a business that could help others less fortunate than himself.

“I had the idea of starting up a call centre a few years ago  during my involvement with a disability charity,” he says. “I did some research and thought it was a great opportunity.”

Since launching the company, which provides an outsourcing service to businesses in need of call centre services, scanning, and data entry, the team has grown to more than 70 and has clients in the telecom and banking industry.

And Dana hopes to continue to build his company and transform the country into a call centre hub like the Philippines. “Cambodia has the advantage of competing in terms of human resource costs,” he says. “We are one of the lower operating costs in the region and it’s an opportunity is to create employment for the youth of Cambodia in a new service industry. Cambodia also offers a broader range of languages like Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese and Korean.”

“As Cambodia enters ASEAN we need to develop our resource capabilities. A big business in India, Philippines, and China is out-sourcing and I see here in Cambodia an opportunity to start this.”

As well as being able to service inbound and outbound calls, DOS offers a range of services including data entry & scanning and and isolated special projects.

“For smaller organisations it means they don’t have to invest in setting up a call centre because it can cost a lot of money,” Dana adds. “One option is to outsource. Inbound calls can be diverted to our call centre and all information is accessed using the Internet.

“We can also offer back office support, which means companies can come in without investing in a system set-up or human resources. We can help them out for the initial period and they have the option to continue working with us.”

For more information on DOS, visit www.dynamic168.com


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