A Modern Day Property Development Visionary


King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management Managing Director, Mr. Lim Nam, has proven himself as a leader in property development.

During 2006, Siem Reap was a sleepy town with not much nighttime activity to cater for tourists and locals alike. Then came Angkor Night Market, which opened during that year. It transformed the city center to a more vibrant and exciting nighttime adventure and has become a night market icon. To date there are more than 10 night markets (and growing) in downtown Siem Reap.

“I worked in the travel industry before I developed Angkor Night Market. Back then there was a lack of nighttime activities for the tourists and Cambodians, which was somehow disappointing”, said Mr. Lim Nam.

Mr. Lim Nam commented: “My aim, when establishing Angkor Night Market, was to change the night scenery from a quiet town to a bustling city full of activities for the international and local travelers, and the most important thing was to promote Cambodian made products in order to help the local economy through the rise of small and medium level of entrepreneurs”.

After Angkor Night Market, Mr. Lim Nam developed King’s Road Angkor Dining & Shopping Village last 2012, which was inaugurated on 13 December 2013. This concept was fresh and new in Siem Reap which has meanwhile grown into a more vibrant, noisy & chaotic atmosphere.

At King’s Road Angkor, the guests will be amazed by the art of Khmer Architecture and by the beauty of nature. It is a great development that gathers positive reviews from international and local travelers. This development is easily accessible, close to the city center, located on the other side of the river, which used to be underdeveloped in the previous years.

The first reason why I have chosen this location was for its potential, since it is close to the city center and wasn’t fully developed yet at that time. You could see some sparsely located hotels here and there and a few restaurants, but the overall scene was really disappointing despite its potential as a premium development area”, explained Mr. Nam.

Since King’s Road Angkor has opened, it has changed the scenery on this part of Siem Reap city center. Presently, visitors can see more development of hotels and boutiques, restaurants and retail shops and has reached much more potential on this part of the Siem Reap River.

His latest development is King’s Road Angkor Office & Residence, which is located along 7 Makara (Angkor High School) Road and connected to their Dining & Shopping Village. This project was completed in 2017.

“At present, the business investment climate in Cambodia is very good, with more international and local companies which started investing heavily in Phnom Penh. When you see how Phnom Penh was before and now, it has dramatically changed in terms of development. I foresee that this business investment will expand to Siem Reap Province because of its potential, not only for tourists but for also for the locals. That is the reason why I ventured into the office & residential complex, in order to accommodate companies which want to set up their satellite office in Siem Reap”, said Mr. Nam.

Mr. Lim Nam’s vision proves to be right, with 20 office units leased out within one year after completing the project. Prestigious companies based in Phnom Penh, namely GRAB Cambodia, People & Partner Insurance PLC, Kilat Events Co., Ltd., South East Asia Property Services (SEAPS), have chosen this property for their Siem Reap branch offices.

This development, which has changed the scenery, is a testament to the fact that Mr. Lim Nam is indeed a modern day property development visionary.


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