An Art Of Innovation By King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management


With a strong mission and vision King’s Road Angkor is thriving to be the premier property management company in the country.

Over the course of 11 years in property development and management, King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management has established itself to become one of the premier development companies in Cambodia.

Their strong mission and vision, which has been the driving force of King’s Road Angkor, has translated with their strong commitment in business-to-business, and business to customer, relations.

“Our main goal is to be innovative in all aspects of our management in par with other countries. I believe that we can set an example to other companies here in Cambodia,” stated Mr Ban Vibol, Chief Executive Officer of King’s Road Angkor.

“We adopted a custom made lease price for our clients, that are based upon what their needs and wants are, which resulted in increased clients enthusiasm, clearly seen in the number of inquiries at our available properties,” said Mr Jomari Cruz, King’s Road Angkor’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“Our existing tenants have benefited a lot from the tenant management system that we put in place, a result of which is the positive feedback and contract renewals our commercial office has received from our existing tenants,” Cruz continued.

“We have added more products to our packages, such as the Virtual Office Service, which is the first service of its kind in Siem Reap, and is already being referred by business consultancy agencies, based both in Siem Reap and in Phnom Penh, to their clients.”

In relation to the daily property operations, they put in place a proper procedures and work chart that enables interdepartmental coordination in all of their internal departments, which has insured a smooth, safe, and secured workplace, and has brought value to their clients and tenants in a friendly business environment.

Mr Sun Victou, King’s Road Angkor’s Chief Technical Officer, commented “We don’t take anything for granted on all the aspects of our daily property operations, from ground staff to management, they are working harmoniously in relation to the operation system we put in place.”

King’s Road Angkor’s innovative approach to property management has been spearheaded by Chief Executive Officer Mr Ban Vibol, who has meticulously guided the team to new heights in terms of development and management.

“All this innovation has well positioned King’s Road Angkor as one of the premier development and property management in Cambodia,” Mr Ban Vibol stated.

Strong commitment and a dynamic team have resulted in more innovative products and services through which King’s Road Angkor has become one of the most trusted names in property development and management.


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