Avoiding The Aches And Pains Of Work


Working in an office can present a whole new set of aches and pains. Dr Christophe Savoure, of International Chiropractic Clinic (ICC), shares his top tips on how to stay healthy behind the desk and at home.

Modern day lifestyles spending the day sitting in front of a computer or smart phone can commonly lead to aches and pains caused by bad posture and other health-related issues.

Dr Savoure, who became the first licensed chiropractor in the country when opening in December 2012, says, “Most people have bad posture because they are living in a society where the human body is not meant to sit.

“Computers were bad, then we moved to laptops, then smart phone and tablets, which are even worse because we spend our days looking down. This puts pressure on the spinal discs.”

He adds that often those with stiff neck complaints work on computers and the pain can derive from using a mouse constantly. He suggests regular breaks and short exercises at the desk to relax and move the muscles can help this. Raising the screen to eye level also helps with posture, which is another main cause of back pain.

The need to exercise and stay healthy is also an essential component to leading a healthy lifestyle. Dr Savoure explains, “You are what you eat and that’s why diet and nutrition are so important.

“Every study shown people who exercise live longer and have better quality of life when you get older. The body you have now is the body you’re making for the future.”

And with an abundance of decent gyms in Phnom Penh, Dr Savoure says getting fit has never been easier. “Just because you’re in Cambodia is no excuse. People who don’t make the time to be healthy now will have to find the time to pay later.”

Water is vital, especially when living in a hot country, and Dr Savoure says expats definitely do not drink as much of it as they should. Add to that the fact that the quality and taste of bottled water is poor, with all minerals being stripped, and he recommends drinking tap water that is filtered.

“Coconut milk is also great,” he adds. “It’s tasty and full of so many good minerals.”

Footwear is another important factor, with culprits being high heels and flip-flops, according to Dr Savoure. “High heels increases pressure on the feet and knees and changes the curve of your back. You get knee pain plus you can damage your feet,” he explains. “Flip-flops force your feet to go flat, which is why sometimes you need support under your feet.

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