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An innovative approach to recruitment that puts the job seeker at the heart of the process is helping businesses across Cambodia find the perfect employees.

Creative Diamond Links Human Resources (CDL HR) President Takanori Narumi believes the key to success in recruitment lies in the job seeker and not solely the client – something he claims many companies neglect. “When I was doing my research in Cambodia, I found similar companies were very focused on the client and weren’t paying much attention to the job seeker at all,” he says.

In the long run, this increases company loyalty and can help provide employers with long-term, committed staff who are willing to develop their career with a company over time. “A common issue in Cambodia is people do not tend to stay in one job for a long time,” Anna Lena Till, HR Consultant, comments.

“This can cause problems for companies who have spent time and money recruiting and training staff. By providing them with employees who fit the profile and requirements and are passionate about the role, then we find this helps to ensure the job seeker is in it for the long haul.”

In a bid to ensure its clients find the perfect match, CDL HR is taking an alternative approach to many other companies. Putting the emphasis on the job seeker, CDL HR has designed a pioneering personality profile and series of interviews to ensure all skillsets are explored.

Job seekers are required to fill out a personality test covering a range of areas to give CDL HR’s team of qualified career consultants an idea of how they would handle certain situations and where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

They then take part in an interview with a consultant to dig a little deeper and make sure they are suited to the role. “We have a golden rule of asking “why” three times in slightly different ways,” Till says. “That way you really get the real answer.”

Another common mistake employers often make when it comes to finding the right staff is the interview process, especially with small companies who do not have a HR department or staff who specialise in recruitment.

“Often people will interview just three people and settle on the best of what is sometimes a bad bunch,” Till says. “Really they should interview 10 people to find the best but that obviously takes time – potentially 10 hours and if you’re a small company you can’t afford to lose that time. That’s why in the long-run it’s worth using professionals to recruit because often it’s difficult to find the right person for a company.”

CDL was born in 2012 when Mr Narumi met a moto driver during a trip to Cambodia. Despite speaking fluent Japanese, he was unable to find a job using his skills because he did not have the right connections. Using his 20-year’s experience at the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, he decided to help boost Cambodia’s economy by providing top-class recruitment and human resources development services.

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