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With the advertising and marketing industry on the rise in Cambodia, a whole range of new services are now opening up to help companies boost their business.

One company that has been at the forefront of this drive is Innov8 Group. Launching in the capital two-and-a-half years ago it already has an impressive client list such as Smart, Ezecom, Li & Fung, Prudential, Coca Cola and Vattanac Bank. Yulia Khouri, chief executive officer, says, “We offer unique services to the market, most of which were not widely known yet to the Cambodian market. As such, when we first started, a lot of companies didn’t really know why they needed our services; there has been a huge shift in the market recently and companies are now realizing that the essential capacity building, accurate data, unique customer solutions and strategic planning is at the heart of a successful business.”

Innov8 offers a complete one stop business solution with their interlinking four divisions; Research, Systems, Training and Events.


With over 70 trained research assistants Innov8 Research conducts extensive country-wide markets surveys, including monthly Omnibus, mystery shopping & calling, brand surveys, and other essential data collection. “We found that after the analysis and training, service goes up by at least 40 to 50 per cent, sometimes as much as 80, which is really significant,” Khouri says. “We do the research, find the problem and provide a solution; whether it’s brand recognition, customer service or retention and loyalty, it’s rarely a quick fix; we go in and uproot the problems in a way that provides long-term sustainable solutions to a client.”


Innov8 continues to build, develop and manage solutions to their clients and one striking innovation offered is – customer loyalty programmes. “Whether it’s developing our client’s current system or designing and delivering a new approach” Khouri says.  This completely fresh service in Cambodia offers full strategic implementation based on customer participatory approach and new technology, the creation of the operational infrastructure, the design and production of collateral, program driven communication to the migration of customers and collation of data. ‘’We have developed several Programmes and Systems that will keep our corporate clients constantly aware of how they are doing in the market, how they are perceived by their clients and what are the gaps in the performance. This approach is much cheaper and easier than the conventional Customer Satisfaction Surveying methods and have not been executed in the region.” Khouri says.


The training and workshop sessions are closely tailored to the immediate needs and long-term goals of each client, combining modern theory with a practical interactive delivery style whilst advocating for continuous improvement and integrating the training into the workplace.  The courses offered include Customer Care, Architecture of Solution Selling, High Impact Sales Training, Relationship Management and Business Reengineering. “We don’t do training for the sake of training. For instance, we are often called to train staff for a company, but after the initial consultation, we realize that it’s not training that they need. It might be other, deeper issues, such as internal communication, billing systems or customer service problems. So, we fix the underlying issues and only then we provide the training that yields positive long-term results”.


Khouri says, “We really want to bring something unique to the market and invest our time in concept development, theme integration and strategic planning. It’s not just a party. We are more than just event execution.” Innov8’s approach is focusing on the event as both a great party, but more fundamentally as an opportunity to achieve the client’s business goals over the course of months, rather than just an evening. Innov8 provides services in road shows, loyalty and acquisition campaigns, product launches, etc.

Innov8 works with both the corporate and non-profit sector with the ultimate mission to create unique events with accurate and transparent accounting. “We are working to change the landscape of how fundraising is carried out in Cambodia, and build a strong and sustainable bridge between the corporate and non-profit sectors’’ Innov8 has a strong understanding that event sponsorship is a strategic platform and with experimental marketing it can create mutually beneficial and accountable partnerships.

In the past 11 months, Innov8 has raised & donated more than $21,000.00 in proceeds for charity via three highly publicized events.

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