Interest In Marketing Jobs In Cambodia On The Rise, Finds Report

Preferred skills for a job in marketing include knowledge in sales, planning, relationship, media, strategy, advertising, reporting, survey planning and budget management.

The number of job seekers interested in marketing positions in the Kingdom is increasing, according to a report from online jobs portal everjobs Cambodia.

Data collected from more than 3,000 marketing jobs posted on the everjobs website since mid-2015 highlighted a rise in applications, with a total growth of nearly 30% from the last quarter of last year to the second quarter of this year.

Everjobs’ survey also identified the core skills of employees – those that can be taught and objectively evaluated – which are preferential for a career in marketing. Unsurprisingly, marketing tops the list, with sales and planning also highly regarded. Relationship, media, strategy and advertising knowledge were other desirable attributes in the marketing sector.

Meanwhile, proficiency in reporting, survey planning and budget management topped the list of “tools” for a successful candidate, with important “soft skills” on a personal level including social, communication, management, flexibility, efficiency, self-motivation and proactivity skills.

A press release from everjobs Cambodia noted that employees and job seekers are now required to develop their professional skills to easily adapt to the fast-changing Cambodian labour market.


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