Preparation For The Real World Starts In School


Today’s generation of employees are on the verge of being replaced by artificial intelligence. The World Economic Forum (WEF) revealed 65% of children entering primary school are likely to find themselves in jobs that do not exist.

SCIA Managing Director & School Director Anselm Chu engages with parents

“At Singapore Cambodia International Academy (SCIA), we prepare our students to be future-ready. Through experiential learning, students are exposed to real-world situations and given opportunities to practise and develop problem solving, critical and creative thinking, and interpersonal and communication skills. We strive to cultivate in students the habit and attitude towards lifelong learning and constant upgrading to stay relevant,” said Mr Anselm Chu, SCIA Managing Director and School Director.

SCIA holistic curriculum encompasses cognitive, aesthetics, moral, physical and social domains. Along with subjects including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), ICT (Information & Communications Technology), Character Education as well as leadership and entrepreneurship development, SCIA nurtures students to be thinkers, innovators and creators of their own future and with a heart for the community. This is embedded in SCIA’s twin beliefs of “Doing Well” in all its ventures, and simultaneously “Doing Good” to the community it serves.

“SCIA Learning Village was curated as a community platform to facilitate experiential learning. We are delighted to have like-minded industry partners from Singapore, Japan and France with similar beliefs. The event offers fun and tangible ways for students, parents, and the public to learn the latest trends, cutting-edge technologies and soft skills ranging from healthcare, investments, sustainability, robotics, mobile applications to communications,” said Ms Christina Choo, Senior Associate Director, who is also the event advisor.

“It is also a meeting of talents. These industry talents – Sunrise Japan Hospital, SCBI Asia, Gush, Water Roam, IMPAC Media, Youth Ambassadors, English Premium and Global, and Dance Academy – are aspiring role models for our students who can potentially become a future employee for them. We even have a ‘SCIA’s Got Talent’ finale segment with performances led by Grades 1 – 9 students. Our young contestants are expected to garner fan votes to win. That’s what the real world is about. We have to market ourselves and create our own success,” she added.

SCIA Learning Village features other key highlights such as complimentary basic health assessments, parent seminars and a special dance performance. Visitors will also receive tips on how to communicate like a star and build STEM mobile applications without coding knowledge.

Details of SCIA Learning Village

Date and Time: 3 November 2018, 12 noon to 5pm


SCIA Campus

One Park, Phnom Penh City Center,

No.58, Street R8, Sangkat Srah Chak, Khan Doun Penh, Phnom Penh

For enquiries:

Tel: 061 777 818
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Singapore Cambodia International Academy

Photos courtesy of: SCIA

A child using tangrams to create animal formations at SCIA booth


A child measuring his pulse with the assistance of St John’s Phnom Penh, one of SCIA’s partners at the recent SCIA STEM Festival


SCIA collaborated with Science Centre Singapore to provide complimentary workshops on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)


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