Relocating To Cambodia


Relocating to Cambodia has never been easier, thanks to a series of improvements across the country.

Paul Glew, Country Director of relocation specialists Asian Tigers Mobility, says during the last 12 months the process for transporting goods into the country has vastly improved.

“The rules and regulations are always going to be there but in the last 12 months, the Government has realised more and more expats are moving in and bringing with them larger commodities. I think this has helped make the process easier and faster,” he remarks.

Previously, it would take between 10 and 14 days for belongings to come from customs to a client’s home. Now it can take between five and seven days. From Europe, it takes about two months from goods being picked up through to delivery. This includes 30 to 35 days on the sea, with 10 days either side for transport and customs.

Add to this improved road systems, which eases up transporting belongings by road. The road from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh remains in good condition, which is also beneficial, Glew mentions. “It’s still cheaper to use the Sihanoukville port than Phnom Penh and transport via road as the port fees are higher”.

The launch of the train line linking Sihanoukville with Phnom Penh in November last year will further enhance things, Glew comments. “We’re slowly starting to look at that as an option to bring goods up and down,  because once it’s fully operational it will hopefully make things a little easier.”

Tax and duty free privileges are also available for those personal shippers with the right documents, as well as for NGO and government workers.  It has never been easier to bring your home and personal effects with you when you relocate to the Kingdom.

Various packages are also applicable to help newcomers settle into their new home. Asian Tigers Mobility offers packages make relocating easier, such as assistance with finding work for a spouse, a school for the kids and housing for the family.

Glew advises, “Phnom Penh has a small expat community and everyone seems to know everyone, which helps with people arriving. It means they can settle in quicker and find their feet.”

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(Image Source: Cambodia Daily)


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