Solidus: The Art Of Bringing Brands To Life



Solidus, a premier communications agency offering comprehensive services, brings brands to the forefront of customers’ attention. Mega-brands such as Pepsi, Samsung and Nestle rely on Solidus to help boost their visibility and brand recall in the Kingdom. We sit down with the company’s managing director, Soeum Narin, to learn from Solidus’s success in Phnom Penh’s competitive and vibrant marketing scene.

B2B: What makes Solidus stand out in Cambodia’s marketplace?

Soeum Narin: Solidus is a truly Cambodian agency staffed almost entirely by Cambodians. We have a diverse and highly experienced professionals with backgrounds in marketing, research, strategic planning, design, advertising and media. Being locals, we easily foster strong relationships with local media partners, authorities and other external stakeholders.

We also think creatively and always look for ways to offer something different. We believe in having a big idea, which we derive from genuine insight, deep understanding of  the local culture and a keen awareness of market movement. We believe in a fundamental approach of forming and following a compelling strategy and creating a path to great results.       

B2B: What has been your biggest success as a company so far?

Soeum Narin: Overall, our ability to support our business partners to grow their brands’ value and generate sales is what we see as our biggest success. So, in one word: effectiveness. We help them accomplish their business objectives through our actionable planning, fresh and innovative execution and customer-focused and responsive approach. One specific example of this is how we’ve successfully supported our business partners in achieving very good returns on investment in media buys, which helps secure the lowest cost per rating point (C.P.R.P) in every category we buy in.

We’ve maintained good relationships with clients by consistently giving them the best value out of their marketing budget, among them Samsung, GSK, PepsiCo, Total and Angkor Beer. They see that we work hard to deliver results and fantastic value for their brands. We work in close consultation with them, urging the application of creativity and distinctly  marketing them in a way that really sells to the Cambodian target audience.

B2B: What is your philosophy? How would you describe your process of working?

Soeum Narin: We base our thinking on genuine insights. We articulate a big idea that resonates with our client’s brand and business objectives. We ensure that the idea is cascaded down to every aspect of the brand’s communication. More importantly, we are vigilant in seeing that this core idea and message is consistently delivered with high quality, impact and measurable results. This is a key focus of ours—excellent quality in execution—as this is where many marketing efforts are weak in Cambodia. We do not like to compromise on quality. Additionally, we support our clients to grow their brands’ value through consistency in diverse communications platforms such as P.R., and newer platforms such as digital; while also providing extra services such as helping them develop C.S.V. (Creating Shared Value) plans.

B2B: What are your future ambitions?

Soeum Narin: We intend to challenge the status quo here by making Solidus known beyond Cambodia for our insightful and compelling planning, creative thinking and excellent execution.