Tiger Beer And WWF Celebrate The Global Tiger Day And Launch Limited Edition ‘RARE STRIPES’ Collection In Support Of Wild Tigers


Leveraging the universal language of fashion, Tiger Beer and WWF collaborate with fashion powerhouse KENZO and four emerging artists to create an exclusive collection inspired by wild tigers

Tiger Beer has last weekend announced a unique collaboration with WWF and KENZO on the Rare Stripes Collection to celebrate the Global Tiger Day and shine a spotlight on endangered wild tigers clinging to survival across the world.

The world’s wild tiger population has dramatically declined over the past century, due to rampant poaching and habitat destruction. Today, as few as 3,900 tigers are left in the wild, but they are threatened daily by poaching driven by illegal tiger trade. To raise awareness and support for wild tigers, the Rare Stripes Collection was created as part of Tiger Beer’s partnership with WWF, which is a six-year initiative that supports TX2, the global goal to double the world’s wild tiger population by 2022.

Cambodia is one among the 13 tiger range countries, and the government has committed to tiger conservation through reintroducing wild tigers to Mondulkiri province of the Eastern Plain Landscape of Cambodia.

“Tigers are majestic and charismatic creatures and are considered as our national treasure. This is the right time that we come together including tiger-inspired brands, Tiger Beer and KENZO; to preserve this globally endangered species. We ask everyone to stand with us to protect tigers – by calling on consumers world-wide to immediately stop buying tigers, tiger’s parts and wildlife meat. We urge the government to effectively crack down and increase the penalties of those possessing snares in the protected areas,” said Seng Teak, Country Director of WWF-Cambodia.

“Snares are the silent indiscriminate killers of wildlife in our forests, and they are devastating Cambodia’s diverse and globally important wildlife populations.” Added Teak.

This year, KENZO, recognised worldwide by the emblematic tiger on its iconic designs, has come on board to join forces with Tiger® Beer and WWF in supporting wild tiger conservation. Inspired by the life stories of eight individual tigers from the wild, the first-of-its-kind collection will launch internationally at the flagship KENZO store at Ginza Six in Tokyo, Japan today on 21 July 2018.

“We want people to take action to save the wild tigers in Cambodia, our beloved brand icon. With the support from Cambodian government, we are working with our partner WWF, KENZO and great emerging fashion talent to create this unique Rare Stripes collection to raise global awareness and funds for endangered wild tigers,” said Roland Bala, Managing Director of Tiger Beer Cambodia.

Together with KENZO’s co-creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, Tiger® Beer handpicked four global emerging artists to create a limited-edition collection of garments. The artists include: contemporary artist and sculptor Meryl Smith (USA), illustrator and designer Esther Goh (Singapore), illustrator and printmaker Julienne Tan (Cambodia) and visual and digital artist Sean Lean (Malaysia),

Prior to embarking on the project, Tiger Beer brought KENZO’s co-creative directors and the four artists to Cambodia to meet a WWF Wildlife specialist in an effort to better understand the plight of wild tigers.

The Rare Stripes collection officially drops at 3pm on July 21, with limited number available via selected KENZO retail stores internationally from the beginning of August.

The Global Tiger Day’s celebration takes place at AEON Mall Sensok Phnom Penh, Cambodia today on 21 July 2018. In the daytime from 11AM to 6:30PM, the public can visit the exhibition of wild Tiger gallery, KENZO display, experience with the Life of Tiger in AR and VR, the Roar and Nature moment on meditation booth, graffiti wall and backdrop, Tiger stripe 3D art drawing, meet and greet with artists and celebrities.

The fashion show and indoor concert start in the evening from 6:30PM and perform by the most popular celebrities such as Aon Sokhun Kanha, Meas Soksophea and Chhorn Sovannareach.

For more information about the Tiger® Beer x WWF partnership, their collaboration with KENZO and the Rare Stripes collection, visit http://www.tigerbeer.com/rarestripes/ , and #rarestripes.


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