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Mercedes-Benz In Cambodia: Q&A With James Zemke

mercedes benz showroom james zemke
Star Auto (Cambodia) is the authorised general distributor of Daimler AG for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and commercial vehicles in the Kingdom. The company’s general director...

New Airline Launches Kuala Lumpur Service

Cambodia-based JC International Airlines officially launched its service to Malaysia on Tuesday with its inaugural flight landing at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA2). The airline...

The Construction Permit Process in Cambodia

cambodia construction permit subdecree
With the help of Kiri Sereyrath, a legal associate at Sciaroni & Associates, we find out more about construction permits in Cambodia, in regards...

Cellcard Lab helps young entrepreneurs

Cellcard Lab gives young entrepreneurs a helping hand towards business success Inspiring, empowering and providing opportunities to young Khmer entrepreneurs is the aim of Cellcard...

Professional Organisations Under Cambodia’s Trade Union Law

The Trade Union Law (TUL), initially drafted in 2008, was discussed over an eight-year period at numerous consultative meetings involving the tripartite parties: government...

Tax Insight: Rights And Obligations During Complaints Resolution

The General Department of Taxation (GDT) issued Notification Number 7374 on May 4, entitled "Rights and Obligations of Taxpayers or Withholding Agents in Tax Complaints Resolution". GDT...

It Is High Time For Cambodia’s Insurance Market

Cambodia’s fledgling insurance sector has plenty to celebrate. In 2016 alone, the total gross premium of life insurance in Cambodia grew by 95 percent...

Events Of The Year: Cambodia’s Biggest Annual Festivals

Cambodia is no doubt a festive place, enjoying a wealth of traditional and international festivals, more so than most other nations. These events bring...

Lets Talk Over Lunch: Top Restaurants For Business Meetings

Meeting an important business associate over lunch? Then one of the things you want to get right is the setting. With a booming restaurant...

The Business Of Banking In Cambodia

If you are serious about your company in Cambodia, then you are ready to open a business bank account here to manage your finances....

How And Why To Get A Cambodian Driving Licence

You might need a local driving licence more than you think. According to the Land Traffic Law, if you are driving any vehicle in...

World Economic Forum On ASEAN Comes Into Focus

Sim Sokheng, the director-general for International Trade at the Ministry of Commerce, revealed last, Tuesday that discussions on trade and industrial development will be...