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Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 8:00am to 5:00pm
Office G1, Building 22Street 197, Phnom Penh

Unipro Logistics & Construction Co Ltd offers Construction materials and hardware along with construction support and training.

We are currently the only supplier of International standard concrete blocks in Cambodia.

Brick & Paver Cutter/Splitter

Newest models, designed to cut Jadestone, Concrete, Granite, Marble and Sandstone. Fully adjustable cutting width up to 430mm and a cutting thickness up to 300mm. Making commercial paving projects like Container Ports, Airports Sea Ports, Petrol Stations, Car Parks and Roads quick and easy.

Block Ladder Mesh

Block Ladder Mesh is continuous lengths of joint reinforcement that is embedded in to the horizontal mortar joints of Masonry walls. Block Ladder Mesh reinforcement reduces cracking, increases lateral flexural strength, elasticity and performance of masonry walls.

Geotextile Fabric

Geotextile fabric is used for road stabilization, ground stabilization and aggregate separation. Made from robust fibers these fabrics spread loads, offer high strength and increasd resistance to chemicals. There structural support has made them a favorite for dirt roads, railroads, construction sites, driveways and paved areas.

Concrete Blocks, Besser Blocks, Cinder Blocks.

Masonry blocks are recognized by architects, builders, engineers and block layers for their strength, durability, and cost effectiveness in a wide range of applications.

We are currently the only manufacturer in Cambodia of International Standard concrete blocks.

Using blocks rather than bricks delivers savings in time and material cost. It is much faster to build as the blocks can be laid and service lines (water, sewage, electrical etc.) can be built in easily via the large cavities in the blocks as the wall is built in less time. A building built of blocks will cost less than a building built of bricks.

Industrial Interlocking Concrete Pavers (Different colours available).

Industrial Concrete pavers are extremely dense units that possess exceptional strength and durability, superior stability under severe loads and are unaffected by the extremes of heat. Each unit has joints that allow for a small amount of movement. As a flexible system that allows for movement they are almost indestructible.

Used for Container Ports, Airports, Seaports, Petrol Stations, Parks and Roads. Attractive to look at and cheaper than laying concrete but with all the strength.

Contact Information for Unipro Logistics & Construction Co Ltd
(+855) 88 395 9563


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