What is B2B?
B2B stands for “Business to Business” and is a website that aims to provide useful, timely, accurate and relevant information, advice and guidance to anyone setting up and managing business operations in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Who manages B2B?
B2B is managed by Master Media (Cambodia), sister company to Pocket Guide (Cambodia), who collectively publish a selection of maps and guide books covering where to go and what to do in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, as well as DOOR-2-DOOR (Phnom Penh’s favourite food delivery guide) and ANGKOR, the in-flight magazine of Cambodia Angkor Air, the national flag carrier.

Who is your target audience?
B2B is for anyone involved in business in Cambodia, though our primary target audience comprises owners and managers of small-to-medium enterprises (up to 250 employees) who are exploring, or in the process of, establishing business operations here, particularly those who may have limited prior experience of setting up and managing a business in the Kingdom.

What type of content do you cover?
B2B covers a wide range of business-related content, including:
–  industry overviews designed to provide a summary of a particular market sector and available services, and give advice and guidance to readers to help them select the services and service providers best suited to their circumstances and requirements
–  features such as market reports and detailed appraisals of various categories of business service, written by industry insiders equipped with the latest information and market intelligence
–  listings of selected businesses that we believe can provide a quality service to English-speaking corporate customers
–  news items relevant to Cambodian business
–  an event calendar covering business-oriented activities such as networking events, speaker’s dinners, conferences, new company openings, product launches and so on

How did you select the categories?
The categories were chosen to reflect the main operational activities that most people will undertake when setting up a new business, or expanding into a new sector or region. We cover the practical aspects of establishing operations such as: company setup and registration; setting up banking facilities; finding an office; recruiting and training staff; connecting to telecom services; seeking legal and accounting advice; marketing products and services; managing security; transport and so forth. We also provide details of government ministries, business chambers and industry associations that can offer guidance, support and networking opportunities.

How did you create the industry overviews?
The overviews are the result of in-depth interviews and surveys with more than 250 of the country’s leading business practitioners and industry insiders, combined with extensive desktop research and information made available to us by companies and other organisations active in the areas relevant to the content. We have also interviewed a wide selection of people who have recent first-hand experience of setting up businesses here in Cambodia.

Can I get a listing?
Our intention is to list only those companies who we believe can offer high quality products or services to English-speaking corporate customers. Listed companies should employ capable, English-speaking staff who can understand and anticipate the needs of their customers and tailor solutions to meet customers’ particular requirements. If you know of a business that should be included in our directory, please email us in the first instance at [email protected]

Can I submit an article or video?
You can submit any content for publication to [email protected] and if we deem the content to be suitable we will upload it to the site. We are especially interested in unbiased, non-commercial information from authoritative sources that will help our audience make decisions affecting their business operations.

Can I submit a press release?
We generally accept press releases and other advertorial material only from our advertisers. We can, however, post such material from other companies subject to payment of a fee – for further details please contact us at [email protected]

Can I provide feedback?
We encourage feedback from users of the website as well as from readers of the printed handbook, especially constructive criticism related to our content, design, layout and the overall user experience. You can email us or, if you prefer, fill in our online survey which you can find here

Can I add an event?
We accept details relating to most business-oriented events held in the Kingdom. In the first instance please email details to [email protected]

Can I post a contract for tender?
We are working on this feature – in the meantime please advise us of any contracts for tender by emailing us at [email protected]

Is B2B only available online?
As of October 2016, yes. We believe that through the seven issues of the printed publication we have established a strong base of followers here in Cambodia. Given the pace at which the Cambodian business scene changes, we believe that we can offer more up-to-date, relevant content via the website, which also helps us to reach overseas audiences.

Please contact us if you would like any further information.