What is B2B CAMBODiA?
B2B CAMBODiA stands for “Business to Business” and is an online platform that aims to provide useful, timely, accurate and relevant information, advice and guidance to anyone setting up and managing business operations in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Who manages B2B CAMBODiA?
B2B CAMBODiA is managed by Realestate.com.kh, which is partnered with DCG (Digital Classifieds Group).

Who is your target audience?
B2B is for anyone involved in business in Cambodia, though our primary target audience comprises owners and managers of small-to-medium enterprises (up to 250 employees) who are exploring, or in the process of, establishing business operations here, particularly those who may have limited prior experience of setting up and managing a business in the Kingdom.

What type of content do you cover?
B2B CAMBODiA covers a wide range of business-related content, including:

  • Industry Guides designed to provide a summary of a particular market sector and available services, and give advice and guidance to readers to help them select the services and service providers best suited to their circumstances and requirements.
  • Feature articles such as market reports and detailed appraisals of various categories of business service, written in consultation with leading industry insiders equipped with the latest information and market intelligence.
  • Business Directory Listings of businesses that we believe can provide a quality service to corporate customers.
  • News content relevant to Cambodian businesses.
  • Events calendar covering business-oriented activities such as networking events, speaker’s dinners, conferences, new company openings, product launches and so on.

Can I get a business directory listing?
Yes! If you want your company listed on B2B CAMBODiA, please contact us on: [email protected]

Can I submit an article, video or press release?
You can submit any content for publication to [email protected] for consideration to be published on B2B CAMBODiA.

Can I add an event?
We accept details relating to most business-oriented events held in the Kingdom. Please email details to [email protected] 


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