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B2B Cambodia offers business owners and managers advice for setting up and managing business operations in Cambodia. In addition to the market overviews on the left hand sidebar, and the feature articles accessible from the top of the page, here is some further information which we believe will be useful when doing business here in Cambodia…

  • Infrastructure & Utilities
    This section provides an overview of Cambodia’s transport, power, communications and natural resource infrastructure. Due consideration should be given to the availability of services when planning the location for business activities… read more
  • Business Chambers & Organisations
    Cambodia is not without its own collection of individuals and businesses working together for a common goal, many of which can offer significant benefits to those starting up and managing operations here… read more
  • Key Industries
    Cambodia’s economic growth continues to develop steadily year upon year. In this update we present a new section covering some of the main industries driving the economy… read more
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
    Since 1992 and the entry of the United Nations Transitional Authority of Cambodia (UNTAC) there has been a large non-governmental organisation (NGO) presence, and there continues to be so… read more
  • Networking
    As a newcomer to Cambodia, you’ll want to meet useful people, promote your business, be introduced to potential clients and of course make friends… read more
  • Royal Government Ministries
    The executive branch of the Royal Government of Cambodia consists of twenty-six ministries that are collectively responsible for the management of the country’s economy… read more


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