2020 FM Global Resilience Index: Cambodia


Cambodia improved marginally on the 2020 FM Global Resilience Index, moving up to 112th from 114th place on the global rankings out of 130 countries.

Cambodia obtained a total of 28.9 points out of 100, in 2019 the Kingdom earned 21.7 points according to the study from FM Global, a mutual insurance company in the United States.

2020 FM Global Resilience Index

What is the FM Global Resilience Index?

The FM Global Resilience Index is an equally-weighted composite measure of three core resilience factors: economic, risk quality and the supply chain itself says the FM website. Scores are bound on a scale of 0 to 100 with 0 representing the lowest resilience and 100 being the highest resilience.

The study measures the resilience of a country’s economy and business environment based on 12 economic risk and supply-chain-related factors:

  • Productivity
  • Political risk
  • Oil intensity
  • Urbanisation rate
  • Exposure to natural hazards
  • Natural hazard risk quality
  • Fire risk quality
  • Inherent cyber risk quality
  • Control of corruption
  • Quality of infrastructure
  • Corporate governance
  • Supply chain visibility

Norway was ranked as having the most resilient economy in the world, scoring a perfect 100 points.

Kevin Ingram, executive vice-president and chief financial officer of FM Global said “Especially after a crisis such as COVID-19, resilience is critical for people, countries and businesses.  A country’s ranking in the 2020 FM Global Resilience Index is a good indication of how its business environment will fare and how quickly organisations there might rebound after taking the economic blow of Coronavirus.”

He added, “These are critical insights for businesses making far-reaching choices as they build facilities, extend supply chains and cultivate new markets.”

2020 Rankings in SEA

In Southeast Asia, the countries ranked on the 2020 FM Global Resilience Index as follows:

  1. Singapore: 22nd with 86.7 points
  2. Malaysia: 41st with 66.5 points
  3. Brunei: 49th with 61.1 points
  4. Thailand: 74th with 45.9 points
  5. Indonesia: 80th with 44.1 points
  6. Vietnam: 91st with 40.7 points
  7. Philippines: 94th with 40.3 points
  8. Laos: 104th with 31.8 points
  9. Cambodia: 112th with 28.9 points
  10. Myanmar was not included in the study


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