Comin Khmere’s MEP Work On Crown Beverage Plants In The Can



Local engineering solutions company Comin Khmere recently completed mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) work on Crown Khmer Beverage Cans Ltd’s manufacturing facilities in Phnom Penh, including supply, design, installation, testing and commissioning.

Crown Holdings, Inc. has three plants based in Cambodia. Construction of a 39,150-square-metre, two-floor industrial purpose building began in August 2015, and was completed in June 2016.


The scope of work done by Comin Khmere included but was not limited to:

  • Plumbing, wastewater treatment, drainage, sanitary fixtures, cold water supply, pipe and valves, booster pump, and lifting pumps
  • Fire sprinkler and hydrant system, diesel fire pumps, jockey pump, and control, fire extinguishers, hydrant cabinets and pillar hydrants
  • HVAC system: two groups of VRF equipment, cassette FCU, PAU, exhaust/fresh air fans, refrigeration pipes, insulation, duct insulation, grilles, and louvers
  • LV electrical system: sub-panel boards, cable containment (HDG, cable tray/trunking, uPVC/EMT/IMC and fittings), main/sub-power cables, indoor lighting, highbay lighting, flood lighting, street lighting, and wiring devices
  • ELV electrical system: fire alarm control panel, smoke/heat detectors, cable containment, fire-rated cable, PABX, RACK, data switch, telephone/data cables, CCTV and access control equipment




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