Dell EMC Launches New Generation Of Servers


Dell EMC announced at an event in Phnom Penh yesterday the launch of the next generation of its best-selling servers, which are designed to help customers drive IT transformations, while multiplying opportunities for business of all sizes to simplify and streamlining their workflow.

Anothai Wettayakorn, vice-president of Dell EMC Indochina, speaks during their new generation server launch event in Phnom Penh yesterday. KHMER TIMES / CHOR SOKUNTHEA

The newly designed 14th generation of the Dell EMC PowerEdge server provides customers with a secure and scalable compute platform that functions as a foundation for cloud, analytics or data centre initiatives.

Anothai Wettayakorn, the vice-president of Dell EMC Indochina, said the new severs are specifically designed to help businesses achieve their full potential in the digital era. “We have been doing business in Cambodia for many years and this product is coming out to strengthen our position because this is the newest technology and we are the only vendor that offers such a complete solution,” he said.

The scalable business architecture of the new gen servers accelerates database performance, while providing faster, seamless live migration of virtual machines and better storage performance. The all new OpenManage Enterprise console offers users easy server lifecycle management and up to 90 percent faster server issue resolution. Security is enhanced through its robust cyber-resilient architecture which includes features like SecureBoot, BIOS Recovery capabilities and signed firmware. Through SystemErase customers can quickly and securely erase user data from drives when a server is retired.

According to company representatives, the new servers are engineered to accelerate the performance of key applications, allowing businesses to reach new heights of efficiency. “We believe that this will help a lot of customers in Cambodia, especially SMEs [small-medium enterprises],” said Anothai. “Companies need to invest in technology to support their growth, particularly as we transition to a digital world. This is the reason we created this new line of servers, to help our customers prepare for this massive change in the way businesses are run.

“This platform is the bedrock of the data centre. An investment in this area of your enterprise is a wise business decision. Our product will give you a cutting-edge, secure solution that will last many years as we will keep on adding capacity and other features.”

This article was originally published in the Khmer Times.

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