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In 2016, mobile phone penetration was more than 125% of the total population and internet penetration was 47%, up from 25% and 0.13% respectively in 2008

Havas Riverorchid, a leading advertising agency in Indochina, has officially launched its digital and social media brand to tap into the popularity of social media, the ever-rising use of mobile phones as well as digital innovation in the Cambodian market.

The brand is called Socialyse and will be used to connect creative people, media and technology and the need of clients across the region to engage with their customers through digital and social technology. With the launch of Socialyse, a business unit devoted to digital and social media, Havas has introduced a 21st century digital/social model to the Cambodian market according to Anthony Keck, Cambodia managing director for the Havas Riverorchid Group. “With the deep focus on all things social in this country, a specialist unit devoted to this discipline is perfectly timed,” Keck said.

Anthony Galliano, CEO of Cambodia Investment Management and the chairman of Dynamo Innovative Digital Advertising, said previously that newcomers to the digital service provider sector in Cambodia testified to the growing attractiveness of the advertising market and its evolving maturity. He added that their innovative products were very much welcomed in Cambodia’s growing market and believes they have an opportunity to flourish, not only in the corporate would, but also with other agencies through potential partnerships.

Galliano said that with the increasing smartphone penetration and people being perpetually linked to their phones, which increasingly perform more and more daily functions, advertisers are leveraging this by embracing communication and engagement with consumers through online platforms. “While advertisers have a growing conviction in digital marketing, which only recently entered the advertising market space, they are still endeavouring to understand the return, value and true benefit, especially in contrast to other forms,” he said. “They have their toes in the water, but have not dived in head-first. Therefore there is much upside in the industry, especially for those who can clearly demonstrate results.”

Early this year, the Singapore-based AdAsia Holdings, an advertising technology company and creator of the AdAsia Digital Platform, also opened its first office in Cambodia, venturing into the untapped digital advertising market.

In 2016, mobile phone penetration was more than 125% of the total population and internet penetration was 47%, while in 2008 mobile phone penetration was only 25% and internet penetration was a mere 0.13%, according to data from Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. By the end of last year, there were six mobile companies with almost 20 million subscribers, of which 7.4 million were internet subscribers.

This article was originally published in the Khmer Times.


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