Eco-friendly Mass Transit System On The Table


060916 b2b -  news - Eco-friendly Mass Transit System On The Table

Cambodian policymakers are working to secure a $800 million budget to build an automated gateway transit (AGT) system in Phnom Penh following the completion of a feasibility study conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The envisioned project would connect the city centre to the airport, thus playing a significant role in alleviating Phnom Penh’s traffic woes.

“The feasibility study of the AGT project conducted by JICA, that took a year, is already completed. We need to study it further to determine whether we want to give the project to the private sector to develop or seek grant money to develop it in partnership with others,” said Minister of Transport Sun Chanthol yesterday.

“The Cambodian government needs some $800 million to develop the AGT project if we want to move forward in the next phase after the completion of the feasibility study,” he added.

Powered by electricity, the AGT can carry up to 30 passengers and can reach speeds of 60km per hour. It requires little space and less fossil fuel, and does not emit hazardous smoke.

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