GE Looks To Power Up Cambodian Electricity Supply

The Cambodian power grid has experienced “huge progress” in expansion over the past 15 years.

Cambodia’s goal of total nationwide electrification and carbon emission reduction of three million tonnes annually by 2035 will be kept firmly on track by a proposed partnership between the government and American multinational General Electric (GE), representatives from the company and the US ambassador told a workshop at the Ministry of Mines and Energy yesterday.

“We not only see the opportunity for GE to contribute to Cambodia’s infrastructure in power generation, power transmission, but also in healthcare and the aviation sector,” said GE’s ASEAN division president Wouter Van Wersch.

“We will support Cambodia with our best and latest technology, by improving the productivity and efficiency of equipment that will ultimately help to reduce the cost of electricity and also to reduce the emission impact on the environment.”

US Ambassador William Heidt, meanwhile, noted Cambodia’s “huge progress” in expanding the power grid to rural areas over the past 15 years, as well as delivering more reliable and cheaper electricity. The workshop today is a concrete example of how the US business community can contribute to sustainable economic development here in Cambodia,” he said.

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