Heavy vehicle terminal planned for Phnom Penh


Local media outlets in Cambodia reported that a new heavy vehicle terminal is being planned to be built on the outskirts of Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. The Chinese company, China Good Cars Holding Ltd, is planning to invest $160 million into the construction of the facility.

The Cambodian Ministry of Public Works and Transport said the project would reduce traffic congestion in Phnom Penh and that the vehicle facility “would be the first of its kind in the Kingdom”.

The planned facility will be completed in phases reports the Khmer Times. “In the first phase, the company wants to build the modern heavy truck station and public transportation service by bus, connecting city the outskirts and provinces near Phnom Penh”.

Minister Sun Chanthol said the project would need the cooperation of the ministry’s land transport department for technical details and would need approval from the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) to obtain an exemption in accordance with the Kingdom’s investment laws.

The Phnom Penh Post added that the Chinese company “also plans to invest in public transportation through the national bus network and connect the city outskirts with the provinces adjacent to the Phnom Penh-Kandal area.”

Sin Chanthy, president of The Cambodia Logistics Association (CLA), was also positive about the plan, agreeing that heavy truck parking should be outside the capital to reduce traffic jams. “It is good to have an investment in a heavy truck station right now. We did prepare this 10 years ago but it was not successful because drivers refused to park there. Now it is time to make it happen to reduce traffic jams.”

The Phnom Penh City Hall restricted heavy trucks from transporting goods during the day time to reduce traffic jams in the capital in 2018, although many heavy vehicles can still be seen in the city.

City Hall said it is “temporarily allowing trucks to transport goods during the daytime in the capital to facilitate the much-needed flow of raw materials from Sihanoukville to garment factories based in Phnom Penh.”

The number of newly registered vehicles in the Kingdom in 2019 totalled 640,183:

  • 15,956 heavy vehicles
  • 92,958 cars
  • 531,269 motorcycles


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