India And Cambodia Pushing Airlines For Direct Links

Airlines, such as India’s national flag carrier Air India, are being lobbied by Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism to set up direct flights between the two countries.

An upward trend in Indian visitors to Cambodia could soon give rise to a direct flight between the two Asian nations, although commercial airlines have yet to respond to an approval for the route from both governments, Indian Ambassador to Cambodia Naveen Srivastava said during a press conference on Wednesday.

“Governments can only do so much to encourage private airlines to look at direct flights, it’s about the economic viability to start,” he said, adding that only individuals rather than groups had so far expressed an interest.

“We are way ahead and the trend is positive. More people in India are learning about Cambodia and I think eventually it will reach a point where we can do it,” asserted Srivastava.

Tourism Ministry under-secretary of state So Visothy said they were working with Indian airports and actively lobbying Indian airlines to include Cambodia as a destination.

“Hopefully an Indian airline will be interested. It’s a case of the chicken and the egg,” he said. “But in terms of civil aviation, they have already signed the agreement.”

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