Law Institution To Open In Cambodia For Chinese Business Arbitration

Chinese businesses from across the ASEAN region can choose to seek arbitration for disputes either back in China or at the new China-ASEAN Law Institute.

With Chinese-Cambodian relations continuing to prosper and Chinese investments pouring in to the Kingdom, a China-ASEAN Law Cooperation Institution will be opened in Cambodia on Thursday by the Chinese government.

The institution, an independent organisation that received approval from both governments in September, will allow China’s commercial arbitrators to work with Cambodia’s National Commercial Arbitration Center (NCAC) to handle business conflicts for Chinese investors or businessmen across the region.

“[China’s] ‘One belt, one road’ policy has many aspects to help the development of all ASEAN member states, including a law sector,” said NCAC President Ros Monin, who added that they would be playing a “big role” representing all Chinese communities for conflicts happening in any ASEAN country. “They can either come here or go to China.”

Over 200 Chinese investors and businessmen joined the first ever Cambodia-China Business Forum in Phnom Penh last week, presided over by Prime Minister Hun Sen, who also agreed to offer three-year, multiple-entry visas to Chinese and South Korean investors.

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