Maybank Launches New Mobile App



Maybank launched Maybank Mobile Banking last Saturday, the first mobile banking app of the Malaysia-based bank. The new app includes augmented reality technology and a QR code reader.

“Today’s launch signifies yet another effort that complements our Maybank 2020 strategic objectives of being the digital bank of choice, guided by our new vision of ‘Advancing Asia’s Ambitions With You’ announced recently,” said Datuk Lim Hong Tat, Maybank Group’s head of community financial services.

“The introduction of our mobile banking app reinforces our commitment to put our customers’ preferences first and transforming to deliver next-generation customer experience. It also reaffirms the bank’s determination to build its digital banking presence and meet the quickly evolving demands of customers, especially the younger generation,” he added.

With the mobile banking app, users can check their account balance, including all debit card purchases, and perform simple transactions, alleviating the need for trips to the branch. In addition, the user can send money to a mobile number. The cash can be withdrawn from any Maybank ATM without having to use an ATM card.

To easily locate the nearest bank branch, the augmented reality branch locator tool allows customers to scan their surroundings and follow onscreen directions. The augmented reality locator tool also detects nearby ATMs.

“This mobile banking app is only one of the many plans we have for Cambodia and a part of our end-to-end integrated strategy. It demonstrates how banking can be easy and fun without compromising safety,” said Cynthia Liaw, CEO of Maybank Cambodia. Liaw added that Maybank is planning to introduce more online services in Cambodia to further simplify banking as well as boost operational efficiency.

The Maybank mobile banking app can be downloaded for iOS and Android-powered smartphones.

For more details please visit Maybank’s Cambodian website here


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