NCAC Considers Second Case

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NCAC staff

The National Commercial Arbitration Centre (NCAC) — the only third-party commercial dispute resolution body in the Kingdom — has recently received its second case.

Brought up to the centre on June 20, the case involves a private company that was contracted to supply equipment to a government ministry.

Due to NCAC’s strict confidentiality policy, details shared with the public remain scant. However, it is known that the centre is currently in the process of reviewing the legal documents submitted by both parties to make a decision on whether or not the case conforms to the centre’s criteria and can be taken up. If that happens, the NCAC will bring both parties together and the arbitration process will begin.

“We are checking to see if this new case fits the criteria to be solved by our centre,” said Ros Monin, president of the NCAC. “If we can solve this case, it provides a great opportunity for us to show our abilities and earn the confidence of businesses.”

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