New Charges Infuriate Logistics Firms

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The new container imbalance charge is over $100 and is driving up the costs of logistics.

Private sector logistics companies have voiced concern over new service charges in ports, calling for a meeting with the Minister of Public Works to solve the issue.

During a meeting with logistics companies and the Cambodia Chamber of Commerce (CCC) on Monday, participants came up with nine issues to raise with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. These include the high cost of terminal handling charges (THC), overcharging for parking, dishonest competition for land-based logistics, problems with cross-border transport with Vietnam and most of all, the new container imbalance charge (CIC), a sea freight charge made to offset costs arising from the transfer and re-positioning of empty containers from port to port.

The companies are also unhappy about the penalties and fines for containers of various sizes and want the ministry to open a school for training container truck drivers to help cut traffic accidents.

Sin Chanthy, president of Cambodia Freight Forwarders Association (CAMFFA), told Khmer Times yesterday that logistic companies were particularly concerned over the new service charges. He said that the CIC is more than $100 and was never charged before, and was driving up the costs of logistics.

“We want the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to address these problems since the CIC and THC costs are higher here than compared to neighbouring countries, while the price of Cambodia’s ports is still expensive compared to Vietnam and Thailand,” Chanthy said. “We have submitted these issues to the Public Works Minister and requested a meeting soon.”

Chanthy added that they had asked to meet the minister this week but are still waiting for a reply.

This article was originally published in the Khmer Times.


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