New Cambodian Law To Crack Down On Unscrupulous Businesses

A new Cambodian law has been drafted to help protect consumers from fake products and false promotions.

All the chapters of the draft consumer protection law have been completed by the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) and will soon be submitted to the Council of Ministers for review from each relevant ministry before it is sent to National Assembly, MoC secretary of state Mao Thora said yesterday.

The consumer protection law will help empower authorities in cracking down on the fake production and false promotion done by Cambodian businesses. “These consumer associations can follow up and file a lawsuit against those companies if they are found to be against the law,” said Thora.

Federation of Associations for Small and Medium Enterprises of Cambodia president Te Taing Por told the Khmer Times that the new law would create a fair business environment and help reduce unethical and illegal practices that had previously gone unchecked. “If we have this law, it will help investors run their businesses fairly and will encourage producers to manufacture goods that ensure consumer safety,” he said.

Meanwhile, Center of Policy Studies director Chan Sophal said the law would ultimately benefit consumers. “Cambodia needs this law urgently because there are many unscrupulous suppliers and traders out there,” he said.

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