Nokia Connects With Cellcard In Move Towards 5G

Nokia will deploy their technology across Cellcard’s existing network, and at 1,500 additional sites, capable of hosting simultaneous 2G, 3G and 4G networks on a single platform.

Finnish mobile technology giants Nokia are to assist Cambodian telecom firm Cellcard in expanding and enhancing their mobile network to offer nationwide LTE coverage ready for next year’s jump to 5G.

According to a statement from Cellcard on Monday, the major initiative will help them offer the best mobile data service and an improved customer experience throughout Cambodia. Cellcard’s current billing platform will be migrated to Nokia SurePay, which provides real-time, convergent and flexible charging and billing options for various market segments.

“We are proud to work with Nokia in our initiative to offer the best LTE coverage and services to our subscribers,” said Cellcard CEO Ian Watson. “Nokia’s proven expertise will enable us to provide better coverage and quality of services to our subscribers.”

Cellcard’s LTE service was launched in 2015 in Phnom Penh, and has since expanded to other major centres. The current expansion involves Nokia’s deployment of about 1,500 additional sites to make mobile broadband services available in other provinces and rural areas.

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