Phnom Penh Only Marginally Cheaper Than Bangkok


160616 b2b - news - Phnom Penh Only Marginally Cheaper Than Bangkok

When it comes to the cost of living for expats, Phnom Penh is only marginally cheaper than Bangkok and Jakarta, according to a report recently released on the subject.

The report, issued by ECA International — a market leader in providing knowledge, information and technology to aid companies in gauging costs and expenses for their expatriate workers — ranks the Cambodian capital 41 out of the top 50 most expensive cities in the Asia Pacific region for expats to live in.

Phnom Penh climbed up three positions from last year and a total of seven ranks since 2012. The steady pace in which Phnom Penh is climbing up the list is considered healthy by insiders.

Ranking at 42, Laos comes directly behind Phnom Penh, while Hanoi is ranked 44 and Ho Chi Minh City stands at 46.

Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai top the ranking.

For access to the full report, visit ECA International’s website.


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