Prince Group Wins Global CSR Awards 2021 “Best Country Awards for Overall CSR Excellence, Best in Cambodia”


Prince Group was awarded the Gold Winner of “Best Country Awards for Overall CSR Excellence, Best in Cambodia” at The Global CSR Awards 2021. Prince Group was selected among some of the best companies from Asia, the United Arab Emirates and Europe. 

“Best Country Awards for Overall CSR Excellence, Best in Cambodia”
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The Global CSR Awards 2021 is one of Asia’s most prestigious recognition awards programmes for corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. The programme recognises and honours companies for outstanding, innovative and world-class products, services, projects and programmes implemented in the past or present.

These projects demonstrate the companies’ leadership, sincerity, ongoing commitment in incorporating ethical values, compliance with legal requirements, and respect for individuals, communities and the environment in the way they do business. 

This year, over 350 entries were received from over 100 companies all over the world and a final selection of 50 companies were recognised by the judging panel as institutions demonstrating strong corporate social responsibility programmes in the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic era. 

Prince Group is deeply honoured to receive the recognition from The Global CSR Awards 2021, affirming our contributions as a responsible corporate citizen in Cambodia,” said Gabriel Tan, Chief Communications Officer of Prince Group.

Prince Group Wins Global CSR Awards 2021
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“Prince Group and our units will continue to work with Prince Foundation, our philanthropic arm as well as external stakeholders including various ministries and NGOs to make a difference together to Cambodia’s future.”                  

Mr Tan was also invited to deliver a keynote on Cambodia’s recovery journey in the 12th and 13th Annual Global CSR Summit held on the same day of the awards announcement. Other speakers included some of the region’s leading thought leaders in sustainability such as Ocean Recovery Alliance founder Doug Woodring and the sustainability leads at Schneider Electric (South Asia), Infosys and Bridgestone Asia  Pacific.                                                                                   

Cambodia has completed a remarkable recovery following a surge in COVID-19 infections midway through the year. Prince Group contributed significantly through the purchase of 1 million COVID-19 vaccines, donations worth US$6 million to bolster the Cambodian government’s anti-pandemic efforts and the launch of the Chen Zhi Scholarship, a financial aid programme that promises to transform the lives of 400 underprivileged Cambodian university students in the coming seven years. Prince Group will contribute full tuition fees and stipends totalling US$2 million.

Prince Group Wins Global CSR Awards 2021
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This is the eighth international award received by Prince Group this year, demonstrating Prince Group’s commitment to championing sustainable development in Cambodia and across the ASEAN region.

To date, Prince Group has won awards at the 2021 International Business Awards, the eighth annual Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, and the Group was also recognised as a conglomerate displaying responsible entrepreneurship at the 2021 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (“AREA”).

Over the past five years, Prince Group has invested more than US$3 billion in projects in Cambodia.

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