Retail Investors On CSX Up 126 Percent


The number of retail investors on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) has more than doubled in 2018 after years of sluggish growth, the stock exchange operator said yesterday.

A monitor displays trading activity at the Cambodia Securities Exchange. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The exchange now has 20,425 registered retail investors, up over 126 percent from 9,004 at the beginning of the year, the CSX said.

“The rise in investors drives more liquidity in the market, making it attractive to new investors. Stock price and the market index have a bullish trend,” CSX said.

The growth in retail participation has been fueled by increased investor education, Cambodia’s economic growth story, as well as a “high” average dividend yield of four percent to five percent in 2017, the stock exchange said.

“With more than six years of market development, the market has reached a new era with remarkable results. With the variable of products in the market, investors may also find the stock market a better investment opportunity because it is a good choice to diversify their investment portfolio,” it added.

Various upcoming products and completed infrastructure will make the exchange “more attractive,” while upcoming listings and bonds will likely raise trading activity and encourage more firms to go public, CSX said.

The market closed yesterday at 395.7 points, up 3.94 points or 1.01 percent from the day before. A total of 6,065 shares were traded for a total of $5,276.65 (21.25 million riel). From Jan 2, the index has climbed 16.31 percent from 340.22 points.

This article was originally published in the Khmer Times.