Server To Assist Government In Online Gambling Crackdown

The Cambodian government is looking to crack down on sports gambling websites such as, which are currently advertising on popular local sports websites.

In an attempt to prevent Cambodians from gambling, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has revealed plans for a server to manage and control online betting made through games.

“We have been observing the current rise of online gaming. We found that they operate in different ways by selling a code or scratch code by using smartphones. We don’t allow such betting because it is hard to manage and it is not in the system,” said Ros Phearun, deputy director-general of the Ministry’s financial industry department, who noted that Cambodian law prohibits locals from gambling as well as any form of gaming outside of the 77 licensed casinos here.

A gaming law is expected to be approved sometime next year, according to Ros Phearun, with Ministry officials currently learning about international online gaming and having meetings with foreign companies from the UK and Spain to work on the server.

Companies that presently offer online betting services to Cambodians include, which runs adverts on popular local sports websites such as Cam-Sport. In 2009, the Kingdom’s only licensed bookmaker, Cambo Six, was closed down by the government because too many locals were gambling away funds.

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