The #1 Triple Play in Cambodia: ‘’One Solution, Three Services’’


SingMeng Telemedia hits the Market with their Triple Play Solution.

SingMeng Telemedia has been the first company to launch a Triple Play Solution and their offer has already attracted many Businesses, Hotels and Condominiums in the Kingdom.

Launched in 2017, Triple Play bundled Internet, TV and Phone services in one solution. This new infrastructure on which Optical Fiber is based, is replacing pre-existing networks (Wireless Internet, TV Cable & Fixed Telephony) and represent a real key advantage for SingMeng Telemedia.

The High Speed Internet of our The Triple Play offer is ideal for Businesses like hotels, casinos, banks, and others. For we offer not only fast internet but also over-the-top TV solution (STV) with interactive interface and massive contents, around 120 television channels, Video-on-demand, direct access to YouTube and several web applications.

On top of this, subscribers with the full package can also access SingMeng’s Smart Community services. With this feature, the manager of a large hotel or giant residential complex will receive a better, more effective way of communicating with their audience. Our unique and customized TV interface will provide an opportunity for Hotel & Condominium managers to promote their services, coordinate events & strengthen their brand image.

The reason for The Triple Play success is that this solution brings a total telecom solution in a much simpler way: three services over Fiber Optic Internet.

We provide the opportunity for Hotel & Condo Managers to get high quality solutions and at the same time save investment & maintenance costs.

The Triple Play and Smart community are removed from the constraints of outdated technology. It opens doors to a new digital experience, into the ease of a faster, more reliable and enjoyable internet service. It’s time to take customers’ experience to next level.”