Transport Ministry Launch Online Vehicle Registration, Driving Tests

Transport Minister Sun Chanthol has described their new online registration process as “a pilot project for family cars and light trucks to let citizens be able to choose and buy their preferred number plates”.

Two new websites allowing Cambodians to register their vehicles and take the written portion of their driving test exam online were launched by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport on Monday. A free smartphone app which teaches drivers the rules of the road was also made available.

Transport Minister Sun Chanthol said the new system will help make the registration process faster and easier. “[Drivers] do not need to wait a long time like before when it took three months or more to register,” he said.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has repeatedly urged ministries to adopt “e-government” solutions, and praised the new process on his Facebook page, saying that it would also help “eliminate unofficial pay”.

However, Transport Ministry spokesman Vasim Soriya noted that the issue of people not wanting to register because they didn’t want to pay tax still remained, and there were fears that it would be easy to cheat on an online exam.

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