An Amazing Accomplishment Under the Leadership of Mr. Ban Vibol


A yearend review of King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management as one of the premier development and property management companies in Cambodia.

Since being appointed in December 2017, Mr. Ban Vibol has energised the company with his unique kind of a dynamic leadership, resulting in closer interdepartmental communications.

In March 2018, he created the Commercial Office which resulted in more innovative products and services, such as the custom made lease price that gives the client more choice depending on their needs. The initiative led to inquiries from up to 30 potential clients per month, looking at their F&B, retail, office, and residential units.

A new service was also recently launched, called Virtual Office, which is the first of its kind in Siem Reap. It has had a huge impact in the expat community, gaining 21 memberships and processing 28 membership requests, while also being referred by business consulting firms based in Siem Reap such as ATCAM Consulting.

Over the year, 16 office units and nine residential units were leased, a great accomplishment when considering the quality of their competition offering similar developments and property entities.

Mr. Ban Vibol has also reorganised and energised the Technical Department, which offers public services to guests and tenants.

“Here at King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management we are giving value to our clients and tenants which resulted in 95 percent tenancy retention and serious inquiries,” commented Mr. Ban Vibol.

In relation to their CSR initiatives, they have provided Made in Cambodia Market Association a premium location, valued at USD $5,000 per month, with the total of 240 square meters inside their dining and shopping village complex, rent free, thus giving their stall holders and local artisans a platform to show and sell their products. This in turn helped to create more jobs and helped to promote the Cambodian made products to the tourist and locals alike.

“This partnership has created more jobs for the Khmer Artisans to the market sellers thus giving them a sustainable employment that will uplift their daily lives,” Mr. Ban Vibol told us.

Aside from this, King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management co-organised the Clean Up Siem Reap campaign along with Sister Srey Café and Road 60 Studios in June 2018. Mr. Ban Vibol also initiated an outreach program in Vealpong Commune, Kompong Speu Province in July 2018.

“As a respected company we are emphasising our culture through our CSR initiatives that is creating an impact to the people and local communities,’’ continued Mr. Ban Vibol.

In relation to the company’s Human Resources, which are the key aspects for the success of any company, Mr. Ban Vibol initiated a gender equality program for their well-deserving employees, from management to the ground staff. 2018 saw promotions

in key positions Mrs. Pheak Tevy, Chief Financial Officer, and Mrs. Ren Channary, Billing Officer and Incoming Finance Manager.

The combination of Mr. Ban Vibol initiatives have translated to a 40% increase in the company’s revenue for this year, surpassing the expectations of the Board of Directors.

“Ever since the board appointed Mr. Ban Vibol, we are confident that he will steer the company in the right direction with a strong mission and vision which he always emphasise from the top management position to the ground staffs,” said Mr. Lim Nam, King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management’s Managing Director.

Mr. Ban Vibol replied saying, “My deep gratitude for the trust that the Board of Director has given to me and for the management team for the support and dedication to job that I have given you.”

“Furthermore I would like to take this opportunity to greet the Board of Directors and my management team Happy New Year! As we close out 2018 and as 2019 begins to dawn, it seems like a great time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, the journey we’ve taken to get to where we are and the plans we have for an exciting, bright future, and thank you to our valued clients and tenants for your invaluable support this year.”

As 2019 fast approaches, King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management is well positioned to be the premier development and property management company under the tutelage of Mr. Ban Vibol.


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