An Innovative Market Founded and Pioneered by a Young CEO


Mr. Ban Vibol has brought and founded the first Khmer Market in Cambodia with his ambitious vision to preserve Khmer authenticity through his unique market model.

After being officially introduced by King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management, ANM Premium Office has taken a bold step to reorganize and rebrand Angkor Night Market in order to become ANM Khmer Market, which will be a full service market this month of March 2019.

Starting this first quarter of this year, ANM Khmer Market will set a standard by giving more value and offering creative Khmer products, with a garden style shopping ambience. International travelers and locals alike will finally re-discover the art of shopping.

Since 2007, ANM Khmer Market, formerly known as Angkor Night Market, has become synonymous with night time shopping. This development has changed the nighttime scenery of Siem Reap, from a sleepy town and not much nighttime activity, to a more vibrant and exciting night time adventure. With the reorganization that ANM Premium Office undertook, ANM Khmer Market will be an icon concerning the full service market, thus energizing the daytime and nighttime scene.

‘’We are known for our innovation in terms of development and management, we have taken a big leap forward to give more value by offering a full service market and preserving Khmer authenticity through our market model’’, proudly said Mr. Ban Vibol, King’s Road Angkor Chief Executive Officer.

Set on approximately 1,889 square meters of land development and situated in a premium location, ANM Khmer Market will bring the finest in Khmer architecture, in balance with nature, which was their great advantage compared to other business establishments.

‘’This is one of our great assets compared to other business establishments here in the central area of Siem Reap town. When we are developing properties, we are combining our culture and history with nature’’, boasted Mr. Vibol.

Mr. Vibol commented: ‘’All of our strategic planning for this market has created an excitement among our existing tenants, leading to a high retention rate or re-contract requests which ANM Premium Office has received in the recent days’’

In relation to safety concerns, ANM Khmer Market is fully equipped with Fire Fighting equipment and they have partnered with one of the prestigious Insurance companies in Cambodia. Indeed, Asia Insurance guarantees that the guests and tenants are fully covered when they visit their property.

For a hassle free shopping, ANM Premium Office will dedicate an 800 square meters of land to a secured parking area for their guests and tenants of ANM Khmer Market.

With this innovation, ANM Khmer Market will re-energize the market scene of which they are the proven leader since 2007.


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