An Update From Pudak Scientific


Knowledge, particularly skills cannot be acquired by only reading books or simply listening to verbal explanation. It is always easier for students to learn something more actual than in the form of words and abstract ideas. And this is where educational and didactic equipment play big roles in the efforts towards effective teaching process.

Generally, students think that learning science and mathematics is abstract, difficult, confusing and boring. Teaching aids is intended to help students in learning science and mathematics, so it becomes more meaningful, interesting, exciting, fun, easy to understand, and explorative since the existence of science and math equipment facilitate teachers to visualize their teaching materials. This helps the students to develop their creation ability, at the same time teacher will have a more attractive learning class.

PUDAK Scientific is the only best choice for schools to provide direct and active approach in “learning by doing”. PUDAK Scientific offers a wide range of educational equipments in the fields of:

  • Natural science (chemistry, physics, biology)
  • Mathematics
  • Training equipments for vocational training
  • Laboratory furniture

Besides, we also provide set of equipments according to international curriculum such as Cambridge curriculum. Our educational equipments are made versatile to enable students to perform experiments with their own ideas. All kits are equipped with manual book and students learning guide. All printed materials can be made with local language.


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