B2B Cambodia Makeover 2023 Press Launch Q&A


Following on from the successful press event launch announcing the exciting investment and changes to B2B Cambodia last week, here is the Q&A held at the Press Conference which outlines some of the core objectives and content focus.

B2B Cambodia Makeover 2023 Press Launch Q&A

Sarvinoz Nuritdinova, CEO of B2B Cambodia, outlined the type of content that will include key market updates and “How To Guides” which will help new investors looking to engage in Cambodia and establish themselves as well as current CEOs and business leaders in-country. 

There will be a core focus on video content as the trends have changed, people read less, and with so much data available, audiences prefer short videos and graphics which can be easier to digest and listen to while doing other activities, said Nuritdinova.

Anthony Galliano, Group CEO of CIM added that promoting Cambodia as an investment destination is a key goal and that he believes there will be a strong inflow of foreign direct investment and capital markets as well as stock, bond and fund management markets into the country.

He stressed that a platform like B2B Cambodia will offer business leaders and government officials a place to communicate and have them open up and talk about the businesses (and opportunities) in Cambodia and the successes being achieved here.

Galliano also added that international outreach and providing positive business news about Cambodia being a great investment destination is important. 


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