Building Strong Employees & Communities Through CSR


King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management Board of Directors has launched Ban Vibol’s Initiative for its Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

Mr. Lim Nam, King’s Road Angkor Managing Director, presided the announcement at their recently concluded board meeting.

‘’It is my great pleasure to announce Ban Vibol’s Initiative to spearhead our corporate social responsibility program’’, Mr. Lim Nam said proudly.

Mr. Nam added: ‘’we called this new initiative in the name of our dynamic and charismatic Chief Executive Officer, to honor him as he steered the company to greater heights under his tutelage.’’

Since he was appointed as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ban Vibol has guided and led King’s Road Angkor as one the premier property Development & Management Companies in Cambodia.

‘’I’m very grateful that the Board of Directors has named this project in my name’’, said Mr. Ban Vibol, King’s Road Angkor Chief Executive Officer, after the announcement.

‘’Companies should not have a singular view of profitability, there needs to be a balance between commerce and social responsibility to its communities, surroundings and its staff’’, said Mr. Vibol.

The Ban Vibol Initiative will implement more corporate social responsibility programs that will help create an impact for its employees and the people in the communities, while focusing more on their health and well-being, sustainable livelihood and the environment.

‘’Our CSR program doesn’t only focus on the people within the communities but on our employees as well’, said Mr. Vibol.

Since the announcement, Ban Vibol’s Initiative has implemented a health and safety program for its employees in order to have a better work place. It has pursued a 7 hours working day for the King’s Road Angkor staff, which is the first company to offer a shorter working day in Cambodia. In addition they provide a health insurance coverage to its employees. It has also lined up social community events during these coming months in 2019.

‘’We have implemented this in order to offer more personal time for our employees, or time they can dedicate to their families, thus lessening the work stress and increase productivity’’, boasted Mr. Ban Vibol.

‘’Strong employees & communities will translate into company growth and productive people’’, were Mr. Ban Vibol’s parting words.

Ban Vibol’s Initiative is indeed paving the way to make an impact to the employees and communities through their social responsibility programs.


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