Cambodian Treasures Foundation – The Importance of Returning Stolen Cambodian Antiquities & Artifacts


B2B Cambodia spoke with Bradley Gordon & Steven Heimberg at the recent 2023 AmCham AGM which was also the Charity Gala Dinner to raise funds to return stolen Cambodian antiquities and treasures back to the Kingdom.

Cambodian Treasures Foundation

Bradley Gordon is the Founder of Edenbridge Asia which advises and works with the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts on reclaiming and returning cultural properties to Cambodia.

Steven Heimberg is a physician and an attorney from a leading Californian law firm who has been assisting with the legalities of returning the treasures.

We hear from both on the importance of raising awareness for the Cambodian Treasures Foundation, with Gordon saying “I think this was an extremely meaningful and historic event, especially for the relationship between the United States and Cambodia”.

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