EZECOM Boost International Capacity and Cross-border Connectivity


EZECOM, Cambodia’s leading telecommunications company, and LXT Networks, a wholesale specialist providing intra-ASEAN terrestrial connectivity, have today announced a strategic partnership to offer a combined connectivity solution which will bridge Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand.

The partnership enhances LXT Network’s access to EZECOM’s investments in the MCT and AAG submarine cable systems and enables both companies to fully satisfy the capacity requirements and connectivity needs of operators seeking delivery of services in the emerging markets of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.

The solution designed by the two companies also provides EZECOM access to LXT Network’s extensive access to intra-Asian submarine cable systems operated by its shareholder StrataNet. StrataNet hold significant capacities on various submarine cable systems such as SJC, APCN2, AAG, APG, ASE and JUS. With the addition of access to MCT via this partnership, both EZECOM and LXT Networks have the ability to provide one of the most comprehensive solutions for those looking for connectivity in South East Asia.

EZECOM and LXT Networks will deliver international capacity services connecting existing and new customers in the ‘CLMV’ (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam) region, while offering multiple additional strategic entry points into SE Asia.

Through the partnership, EZECOM and LXT Networks will provide their global customer base with seamless end-to-end backhaul services with diverse paths. EZECOM and LXT Networks will ensure premium Service Level Agreements thanks to the high reliability of their combined networks.

“EZECOM has always been committed to providing its customers with first class connectivity, and this partnership confirms our position as a bridging partner for operators expanding their capacity into Thailand, Myanmar and beyond,” said Paul Blanche-Horgan, Chief Executive Officer at EZECOM.

Tom Sastararuchi, Chief Executive Officer at LXT Networks stated: “We are highly satisfied with this partnership agreement with such a well-established player as EZECOM, which highlights the strength of our network and the solid nature of our strategy. The partnership with EZECOM adds further value to investments made by our shareholder StrataNet and the development of an innovative and Flexible Optical Network all throughout SE Asia.”


EZECOM was founded to serve the rapidly expanding enterprise and residence user markets in Cambodia. Launched in 2007, EZECOM has since become a leading provider of a wide variety of innovative communication services. EZECOM’s mission is “To be Cambodia’s premium solutions provider of communications services through constant innovation & improvement while contribute to society”. EZECOM has incorporated its own fibre optic, VPN and a custom-built, world-class Data Centre. Recognising the need for high quality, hassle-free, reliable internet services, EZECOM invested in a multitude of high quality infrastructures. These innovative solutions, along with the complete package of services EZECOM offers corporations, offices and home users, has made us the leader in our field.

For more information visit https://www.ezecom.com.kh

About LXT Networks

With a focus on Thailand and its border countries including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam, LXT Networks provide wholesale services of Trans-ASEAN terrestrial connectivity, diverse routes, as well as major submarine Cables capacities including AAE-1, TIS, SeaMeWe, APG, AAG, SJC, FEA to international carrier, Operators, and ISP’s. LXT Networks is a Carrier Neutral Operator. Powered by one of its shareholders, StrataNet, LXT Networks intelligently connects existing subsea network assets across Asia to its’ significant terrestrial footprint throughout SE Asia. StrataNet’s growing network expands across 12 countries, with 53 landing points and multiple entries in each country.

For more information visit https://www.lxtnetworks.com and https://www.stratanetgroup.com


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