Finance Sector Still Accounting For Lion’s Share Of New Jobs In Cambodia



Accounting & Finance has retained its position as the top hiring category in Cambodia’s labour market, according to a report from online job platform everjobs Cambodia which also highlighted an emergence of new positions in the marketing sector.

Among 29 job categories and more than 3,500 job opportunities posted on everjobs, the top five hiring categories are (in order) Accounting & Finance, Sales, Hospitality, Management and Marketing.

Everjobs insights showed that Accounting & Finance saw over 2,500 job openings over the past three months. The International Finance Corporation stated in a report last year that “Cambodia’s microfinance sector has been developing rapidly with annual growth rates of more than 30 percent in the last 20 years, benefiting more than 1.9 million borrowers. The significant rise of the microfinance sector, has therefore significantly increased the openings within this category.”

Although the majority of companies here do not wish to disclose the wages they offer, data from the past three months suggests that working in accounting and finance yields a better salary than the legal minimum annual wage of $1,402, ranging between $200 and $499 per month on average. Higher salaries are, of course, available but generally require specialised qualifications or extended years of experience.

“Among the large range of job categories present on our website, the wage offered by the employers rely on multiple factors, education being one of the most influential.” says Alexandra Iuchyk, Business Development Manager at everjobs Cambodia. “With the decrease of the poverty line and the growing preference for longer studies, we can expect the average wage to steadily increase by the next decade.”

Meanwhile, over 1,600 job offers in Sales were advertised in the past three months on, with pay rising above the average through commissions.

The Hospitality sector has continued to thrive, with the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) stating in 2014 that it had contributed to 13.5% of Cambodia’s GDP. Approximately 285.500 jobs were created in 2014, forming 11.7% of the total employment. The outlook for the upcoming years also seems positive, with tourism and travel positions expected to account for 16.7% of all jobs here by 2025, according to the WTTC.

An increase in international firms operating in Cambodia has driven a demand for Management and Marketing roles, with almost 1,700 offers posted on everjobs since the start of July.


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