Fitting Out Office Space


By Gemma Ross for B2B Cambodia

Fitting out office space is a must for many companies setting up in Cambodia and with an abundance of contractors in the market, businesses are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the right one.

Bernie Durkin, General Manager at YellowTree Interior Co., Ltd, recommends researching businesses carefully before making a decision. “Do your homework,” he says, “ask for references, you need to know you’re going to get a service provider that’s going to give you quick, speedy and efficient service.”

Other factors that are important to consider include reliability and reaction time. “One of the main reasons clients come to us is because we are quick off the mark,” Durkin says. “This is important in our business as errors can occur and they need to be rectified as quickly as possible.”

The interior design/production market in Cambodia has boomed over recent years, with a range of companies offering a variety of standards and costs. “We occasionally find that clients are focused solely on their budget, however you get what you pay for and it’s important to remember this.

“Obviously you need to be mindful of costs but you also need to look at the future of your business. If you’re going to be around for the long term, consider investing in something a little more expensive that’s going to last.”

Another problem Durkin says businesses often run into is the culture clash that can occur due to local attitudes to deadlines and, at times, standards when compared to some Western countries.

“On occasion companies come here with their own pre-determined standards and ideas, however, you can’t demand international standards for everything in Cambodia because it’s not that sophisticated an environment yet. International companies can insist on dotting the Is and crossing the Ts, but more often than not, those Is and Ts don’t exist yet.”

As the country continues to develop, demand will increase and expectations will rise. Durkin predicts a quick shift in the raising of standards within the industry. “You have to be mindful that as things develop and become more international, clients won’t accept ‘never mind, tomorrow or next week’, if they want something, this has to be provided very quickly.”

Launched 11 years ago YellowTree soon became known as one of the country’s leading interior contractors. As part of the service the company offers, clients can suggest how they would like their space to look or utilise the expertise of the company’s designers to help them create the finished article.

Furniture can be custom-made by YellowTree, purchased locally if available or be imported according to client requirements.

YellowTree has continued to develop a sound reputation as a reliable contractor and has completed projects with international and local clients alike including KPMG, FTB Bank, Marks and Spencer, Royal Group, pwc and Ford.

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