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Everjobs Cambodia, the fastest growing online career portal in the Kingdom has recently launched the latest edition of its Career Report, an in-depth quarterly analysis of the labor market of the country. Released in the form of an infographic, the report identifies the most recent online recruitment trends, and highlights the top hiring industries of the Cambodian online job market.

The data of the report, gathered by monitoring the traffic on over the months of April, May and June 2016, reveals a new term among the most searched jobs.

According to the data, “Full time” job is still the most searched jobs category by professionals in Cambodia. However, the report highlights the appearance of the “Part time” job category, a trend which was explained by Aliaksandra Iuchyk, Marketing, Communications and PR Manager at Everjobs Cambodia recently as follows: “A university degree is certainly crucial but with over 200,000 students graduating every year here in the Kingdom, one should be able to distinguish himself from the crowd. Gaining experience with a part-time job is one of the best ways to ensure employment after graduation and it is definitely something that our partner companies are looking for when recruiting new candidates. Making sure you gain practical knowledge in your field of study, is the best way to stand out in front of the recruiters. The advantage of combining a part time job and studies gives the opportunity to develop not only your theoretical understanding of the field but also acquire practical skills that will help you when you want to start your career”.

The Everjobs Career Report also shows that the banking sector is still the first online hiring industry in the Kingdom, overtaking hotel and lodging services. The growth of the banking sector was also registered by the Asian Development Bank, which saw in Cambodia a seven percent growth of GDP each year for the past four years. The World Bank also stated that the rapid expansion of the financial sector is driving the economic development and that domestic credit saw a growth of 27 percent in 2015, spurred on by rising domestic demand for consumption and construction.

The Career Report also reflects the development of the financial sector with accounting/ finance being the domain gathering the most job vacancies, particularly in the banking industry.

One of the industries in online recruitment which has seen significant growth in terms of job opportunities within the past three months is internet/services, which is currently the second top trending industry in Cambodia. A possible explanation of this trend can be the influence of the younger generation of the country which according to the Human Capital Report 2016, represents 60 percent of the total population. Being more tech savvy and attracted by internet and  social media, they seem to exercise an impact on the local job market as well as overall Cambodian development. The rapid rise of this new trend also seems to have an influence on the banking sector, which is now embracing the digital area with the aim of improving local banking services.

According to the report, hotel and lodging is the second biggest online hiring industry in the Kingdom after banking, and it has been thriving over the past years, mostly due to a number of positive developments within the tourism sector. Indeed, tourism is growing steadily, and the Kingdom has been named by the European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) as the “World’s Best Tourism Destination” for 2016. The Tourism Statistics Report, published by the Ministry of Tourism in May 2016, states that Cambodia attracted around 2.5 million visitors in 2010, compared to 4.7 million in 2015.

The report also ranks cities based on the number of vacancies available, with Phnom Penh being at the top followed by Siem Reap, Kampong Cham, Preah Sihanouk and lastly Kandal. It seems therefore that the growth of tourism is increasing the number of job opportunities in all the Kingdom and since tourism is expected to increase in the upcoming years, it is safe to say that job opportunities will see an overall rise in the country.

In short, the report highlights the online job market trends of the second quarter 2016 and discloses the appearance of a new trend in terms in jobs searching: the part time jobs. Trend reflects the interest for the young generation to acquire experience, develop professional skills and increase credibility towards employers. The Second Quarter 2016 report also outlines banking as the top hiring sector in the Kingdom which is growing steadily, and developing services in order to diversify from competitors as well as answer clients’ expectations. The appearance of the internet/services, as the second most important trending industry, is expected to be one of the key drivers of Cambodia’s economic development, in particular in the banking sector which is now extending to the digital area offering services such as banking phone application as ABA Bank. After being awarded the “World’s Best Tourism Destination” given by the European Council on Tourism and Trade, the hotel and lodging industry of Cambodia remains one of the top hiring industry, followed by the financial services and food/beverage production. Lastly, the fast development of the tourism industry is reinforcing Cambodian economy by increasing the number of job offers in several cities.

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