King’s Road Angkor Finally Reveals ANM Premium Office


After months of strategic planning, ANM Premium Office has been launched this month of March, 2019.

King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management has disclosed their new ANM Premium Office project.

ANM Premium Office will be managed by Angkor Night Market, which has been the pioneer in terms of night market concept. They will re-define value and innovation in their tailor-made products and services for the clients and tenants, emphasizing fresh, new and creative ideas with a more important focus on nature and its environment. Their projects will be comparable to other international developments and standards.

It took them months of brainstorming to reach a creative concept within their latest development. The new logo alone, which has been trademarked, was the fruit of a painstakingly careful planning in which history, value and innovation were infused. This is what King’s Road Angkor stands for when they are developing and managing properties created by the Creative department and headed by Mr. Bun Sileng.

‘’I am very proud and excited to reveal ANM Premium Office to the public and grateful for the amazing job of creating this new logo by Mr. Bun Sileng and his team at the Creative Department. This is a reflection of who we are at King’s Road Angkor’’, announced Mr. Ban Vibol, King’s Road Angkor Chief Executive Officer, proudly.

‘’More innovative and creative products and services will be offered this 2nd quarter of this year, which will create excitement and enthusiasm for tourists, Cambodians and expatriates here in Siem Reap’’, commented Mr. Jomari Cruz, Chief Commercial Officer.

To properly guide ANM Premium Office, King’s Road Angkor management appointed a dynamic new General Manager, Mr. Sun Victou, who has been King’s Road Angkor Chief Technical Officer during the previous years. He and his new team, from the Sales & Marketing to the Technical Department, will steer ANM Premium Office to greater heights.

‘’Due to his impeccable performance as the Chief Technical Officer, I have decided to appoint Mr. Sun Victou to lead the ANM Premium Office and I’m confident that he will perform the tasks of General Manager and lead his team well’’, commented Mr. Vibol.

‘’I take this opportunity to offer my heartfelt gratitude to our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ban Vibol, for this appointment of General Manager of the new business unit we named ANM Premium Office”, said Mr. Sun Victou.

The dawn of new development and property management has begun at ANM Premium Office with more innovative products which will give more value to the clients and tenants and with an emphasis on nature and environment.


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