Ambitious Goals To Promote Cambodian Products With Mr. Ban Vibol’s CSR Initiatives


King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management are promoting Cambodian made products at their dining and shopping complex with the recent signing of an M.O.U. with the Made in Cambodia Market Association.

A Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U.) between King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management and the Made in Cambodia Market Association has been signed. The signing was presided over by King’s Road Angkor Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ban Vibol, and Made in Cambodia Market Manager Mr. Oun Savann.

“We are grateful with this partnership between our management and the market association, since in the beginning when they started in 2013, we have supported them as their concept is align to our aim at our Dining & Shopping complex which is to promote Cambodian made products.” said Mr. Ban Vibol.

“This partnership will also create more jobs for the Khmer Artisans to the market sellers thus giving them a sustainable employment that will uplift their daily lives.”

“We are also training our market sellers of how they interact with the guests in relation of the proper customer service. It is our great pleasure that King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management has given us a premium location inside their dining and shopping village complex,” added Mr. Oun Savann.

“Made in Cambodia Market is different from other tourist markets here in Siem Reap as we are promoting the value of our products that is being made in Cambodia.”

Mr. Jomari Cruz, Chief Commercial Officer of King’s Road Angkor, commented “Our management has provided to Made in Cambodia Market Association a rent free premium location inside our complex for the purpose of giving them an opportunity to show and sell their products which is one hundred percent made in the country.”

Throughout the past few years, Cambodia has experienced an influx of international brands in which the management of King’s Road Angkor dining and shopping village complex has been innovative by offering a well-rounded selection of these brands alongside local brands genuine to Cambodia.

“At our dining and shopping village complex you can find international brands in the F&B sector, such as Hard Rock Café Angkor, and retail outlets including Havaianas, alongside high quality Cambodian made products in our property, to address the needs from the local and international travellers” Mr. Ban Vibol explained.

King’s Road Angkor management and the Made in Cambodia Market Association are also initiating an environment awareness campaign with their plastic free project by using recycled paper bags instead of typical plastic shopping bags.

This partnership for promoting Cambodian made products has created an impact in Siem Reap, which in turn has received good reviews from international and local travel agencies, travellers, boutiques, and hotels, as well as an impressive result in positive social media reaction.

King’s Road Angkor is a must visit when you are exploring Siem Reap, the gateway to the world heritage temple complex of Angkor Archaeological Park.


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