Lighthouse Club Cambodia Tees Off For A Cause


Lighthouse Club Cambodia, the local arm of an international construction industry charity, held a golf tournament in Phnom Penh last Friday. The annual tournament attracts construction industry professionals from around the region.

This time entrants came from as far afield as Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur—to tee off in support of the Lighthouse Club’s charitable operations.

Money raised by the charity goes towards supporting victims of accidents and illness within the construction industry and their families.

Around 45 golfers participated in Friday’s event, raising over $8,000.

Lighthouse Club board member, Jim Swander, says “I think it went very well, it was a fun time with a good group of people, including Lighthouse Club representatives from Hong Kong Saigon and Kuala Lumpur, and we raised a decent amount of money for a great cause.”

Club members gathered at Larry’s 110st Bar and Grill on the Thursday evening beforehand for a pre-tourney warm-up of sorts—beers, finger food and tall tales about members’ varyingly credulous exploits on the green—ensuring they were in fine shape for tee-off on Friday.

The tournament was held at the Garden City Golf Club, and members were treated to a barbecue lunch, cold beers and a day off on the green that even the missus couldn’t complain about—after all, it was for a good cause.

Raffle tickets were drawn for a range of prizes, many of which were donated by generous local businesses.

After a hotly contested round of golf, Lighthouse Club members Im Reahul, Sangwat Heng, and Touch Seang Hay’s team topped the field, reigning supreme in the annals of Lighthouse golf history…until next year.

If you would like to contribute to or become a part of the Lighthouse Club, don’t hesitate to visit their contact page and get in touch.


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