OTT TV: The New Wave


Why OTT TV is changing the TV industry in Cambodia?

Update – SingMeng TV closed down its operations in Cambodia in 2022.

In 2018, SingMeng saw tremendous consumer growth in streaming TV services and this growth is even larger in 2019. The last two years following the real estate boom in Cambodia, OTT TV has quickly been established as the new TV solution for Premium Condominium.. Today OTT TV services are available in the major’s cities in Cambodia, like Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Siem Reap and Poi Pet.

Let’s begin with a basic definition of OTT video (over-the-top): OTT video is video transmitted via the Internet that bypasses traditional cable/linear distribution. At SingMeng, we consider true OTT to be long-form and live streaming premium content such as Live TV, TV shows and movies.

The pace of digital disruption that is transforming the TV industry is accelerating: the growth in IP-delivered TV content is reshaping distribution models, consumer-viewing habits and soon the advertising market. Consumers now have many choices– however; SingMeng continues to stay as the leader on this market due to their investment and experience.

Contrary to the traditional Digital or Cable TV market, the barriers to entry in OTT market are numerous. Indeed, in addition to having to master the OTT technology – That request investment and competences – You have to be able to guaranty a reliable and fast, fiber internet connection.

With the modernization of Cambodia, OTT TV market will continue to grow for the next decade. Multiple services are now available over fiber internet connection that allow the real estate project to save investment cost and to bring more value to their Clients.

To know more about this new solution, please contact the leader of this market: SingMeng Telemedia:


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